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September 11th MemorialE-books/Articles of Encouragement

 Patriotic Americans

An Ark of Remembrance


An ark of Remembrance is a digital electronic Memorial and Tribute to those whose lives were taken on September 11th and to President George Bush for his speech to Congress and to the World that brought comfort and hope in our time of sorrow and distress.

                         "We are a country Awakened to Danger and Called to Defend Freedom."

Let's not forget these lives that were a part of our world, genuine deserving people, each with unique talents with which he or she blessed the community and the world. And let's not forget the good things President George Bush did during his term of office or our charge to defend freedom.

With these videos you can watch more than 3000 names and faces run in slideshows while listening to the words of Awakened to Danger and Called to Defend Freedom. You can meet each person by name or by face or both. You can see if there was anyone you knew or had met somewhere. You can sympathize with these beautiful people and their surviving families.


While you watch the video, notice in the smoke and flame you can see the face of an angry Lion and of an innocent Lamb. While you listen to the speech, see if you can find the one sentence that states perfectly the key to world peace.

There are nine 30-minute videos that run a maximum of 360 faces at 5 seconds each. They are categorized and alphabetized so you can choose the one you wish to view.  These videos can be downloaded FREE right here at 

You are also welcome to burn Dvd's. But if you wish to have professional Dvd's made with these labels, there will be a cost of $39.95 for the set of three Dvd's packaged and shipped.

In the videos you will be listening to the president's congressional address

"Awakened to Danger and Called to Defend Freedom"
presented by The Memory Specialist, Memory Man Wes Allen!

Come roll with me on the Memory Train. Don't let these lives have been lost in vain. Remember our
troops who endured so much. To our flag and our freedom let's hold our clutch!  "Let's Roll!"

To download the videos below: Right click, choose save target as, select location on your computer, click save
WTCAamoth-Chairnoff-360 WTCHughes-Malone-360 WTCScheinberg-Warner-360
WTCChalasani-Ferraina-360 WTCMaloney-Ose-360


WTCFerraina-Hughes-360 WTCO'Shea-Scheffold-360 Flights-250

An Ark of Remembrance on Dvd all 3 for $39.95 including tax and shipping



Pictures below are of the Flight Crew Memorial at Grapevine, Texas


The banner below is a link to the site where I learned how to make

these wheels rotate. There you can learn how to make animations.


Response to September 11th Memorial from Scott.

Here is Jennifer's response to my beautiful Memorial.


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